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How can I protect myself from common medical mistakes?

Due to an increase in medical negligence, malpractice and errors, many Pennsylvanians are opting to delay and forgo their medical treatments. They do not want to chance further injuries if their health care providers make mistakes with their care. You may feel the same way, especially if you need ongoing care for a chronic or serious medical condition. You may think of doctors, nurses and other health care staff as infallible. But when they make mistakes, it is the patients and their families who suffer the most. From misdiagnoses and unnecessary medical procedures to surgical errors and more, most forms of medical negligence are preventable.

You may think that by doing nothing you can protect yourself. However, doing nothing can be more harmful. Learn how to protect yourself from medical negligence to improve the quality of care you receive.

Accept the fine and move on? Sometimes it's not that simple.

If you have reviewed the Criminal Defense section of our website you are familiar with the penalties associated with the conviction for certain offenses. Near the bottom of the list, the misdemeanor offense appears. The penalties and fines connected with this charge seem negligible when juxtaposed with felonies and murder.

When defendants appear in court, many are happy to plead down to a misdemeanor charge to avoid being jailed for lengthy periods of time. For others who are not charged with felonies, however, accepting a misdemeanor plea and paying a fine may not be the best course of action to take.

Those who believe a misdemeanor conviction is a lesser conviction are often surprised by the staying power that this conviction has. Once a misdemeanor is entered on a criminal record, its presence can limit educational, economic and housing opportunities. So pervasive is its negative influence on the convicted, a misdemeanor charge has been dubbed "the secret sentence or the silent punishment" by the executive director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania

You were college sweethearts at Penn St. and got married a few years after graduation. The ensuing years brought good jobs and kids, family trips and movie nights at home. Somewhere along the way, however, the love that you shared turned into a partnership where it was all about the kids and not at all about the two of you. There weren't big fights or cheating spouses, but after some failed attempts to rekindle the romance, it became obvious that it was simply time to make official what had been understood for a while.

Not all divorces are knock-down drag-out affairs we see in the headlines. You are smart level-headed people, and you know that that kind of acrimony only hurts the family. Assuming there is no prenuptial agreement, you will have to come up with a fair and equitable agreement.

Will I go to jail after my first DUI offense in Pennsylvania?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Pennsylvania, you are likely concerned about how the charge and subsequent conviction will affect your future. Specifically, you may be concerned about whether or not you will face jail time as a result of your conviction.

DUI charges are serious, and not knowing what to expect from a first-time offense can be scary. However, the question as to whether or not you will go to jail after your first DUI offense depends largely on your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of your arrest as well as other factors specific to your situation.


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