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In Pennsylvania, what are your options following a hit and run?

You’re biking down the road, minding your own business. Suddenly, the van next to you swerves into your lane, knocking you off your bike. You slam your shoulder hard into the concrete barricade. To make matters worse, you look up to see the driver speeding away.

You’ve just become the victim of a hit and run accident. What should you do, and what are your rights?

Three safety tips for driving in the snow

It may be April, but here in Pennsylvania, the snow is not yet behind us. With another snow storm hitting just this week, we’ve seen a parallel spike in car crashes.

Bearing this in mind, we decided it’s a good time review some basic guidelines for safe driving in snowy or icy conditions.

What happens if I fail to wear a seat belt in Pennsylvania?

Everyone knows that wearing a seat belt increases safety on the road. But do you always follow this good practice? In this post, we examine some of the laws surrounding seat belt use in Pennsylvania:

Seat belt law

In planning your estate, be sure you're up to date on your taxes.

Tax season is upon us. While taxes may not have an obvious connection to your end-of-life planning, staying current on your taxes is actually an important part of putting your affairs in order.

If you've fallen behind on filing your taxes over the years, this liability doesn't automatically disappear once you pass on. In fact, in can haunt your heirs in perpetuity. Today we examine what happens to your back taxes following your death:

Key things to know about the Pennsylvania breathalyzer test

If you’re driving a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania, you’re considered to be giving implied consent to a breathalyzer—or blood or urine—test, should a police officer have reason to believe you’re driving under the influence of alcohol of drugs (DUI). In this post, we examine important laws surrounding the breathalyzer process as well as the consequences of refusing this test.

The testing process

How to recognize and respond to a drunk driver on the road

Drunk drivers can pose a huge threat to the safety of others on the road. It's important to be able to tell the difference between a drunk driver and an unattentive or aggressive driver. In this post, we identify some of the indicators drunk driving and lay out some basic guidelines for how to respond:

What are the signs?

What role does family law play in transgender rights?

More than ever before in history, "transgender" is now becoming a familiar household term. Aided by celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner to pioneering TV series such as Transparent, the general public has been quickly gaining awareness and understanding of transgender issues.

Nonetheless, for many of us, the concept is a new one-and there is a learning curve. In the legal community, we are still seeking answers for how to respond to the multi-faceted complexities of transgender rights.

What are my options in a divorce where my spouse cheated?

If your spouse cheated on you, you may want to file for divorce. In the state of Pennsylvania, adultery is considered a fault ground for divorce. There are certain things you should know about this type of divorce proceeding:

Accusation is not enough.

Pennsylvania police tackle aggressive drivers: March 19-April 29

Pennsylvania law enforcement is taking tough action against aggressive drivers. It is implementing a series of targeted campaigns, with the goal of reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities connected to aggressive driving.

What is aggressive driving?

Spousal support in Pennsylvania: after the divorce decree

In our last post, we discussed how spousal support works for couples who are separated but are not yet legally divorced. In this post, we examine the specifics of financial support to an ex-spouse after the divorce is finalized. This type of payment is known as alimony.

While spousal support and alimony pendente lite payments are calculated using a fixed formula, the court considers a wide variety of criteria in determining how much an alimony payer will owe. In addition, the court has flexibility in deciding whether to order alimony payments at all, how long such payments must be made as well as the manner of payment. In particular, the court wants to know:

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