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Queen of Soul leaves no will. Complex probate to ensue.

Earlier this year, the world said good-bye one of the most ground-breaking musicians of our time. Aretha Franklin’s passing shed light on the iconic legacy of her life’s work—from extraordinary musical achievements to civil rights activism. One thing the Queen of Soul didn’t leave behind, however, was a will.

Passing away “intestate”—without a will—happens more often than you might expect. Many people are reluctant to consider their own death as a reality and therefore put off setting out concrete legal guidance in the event of their passing. Failing to do this, however, can lead to drawn-out legal battles and resentment in the wake of one’s passing.

4 tips on how to introduce a dog to your baby

For many couples, dogs are an important part of their social life. Many friends, family and neighbors own pets. You might own one yourself. When a baby comes along, a lot of things change. You and your partner will be adjusting to parenthood, and you may need to adjust your interactions as well. It’s important to be careful with your baby when you are around dogs. To create a safe environment for your family, a well-thought introduction is key.

What happens if I drive on a suspended license?

Last year, you made a stupid mistake. You were out at a bar with friends. You ended up drinking more than you’d expected, but you still decided to chance it and drive yourself home. Fortunately, you didn’t get into an accident, and nobody got injured, but you did get pulled over. Now your license is suspended.

Tonight, you’re back at the bar with your friends—only this time, you’re not drinking. Everyone else gets too wasted to drive, and they ask you to take them home. You know you’re still not allowed to drive, but you also want to make sure your friends are safe. Is it really so bad to drive on a suspended license?

Steps to take following a car wreck

When a car accident occurs on a Pennsylvania road, a driver may feel embarrassed or angry. However, the best thing in the immediate aftermath of a crash is to take a breath and assess the situation. If anyone is hurt, a call should be placed to get emergency personnel to the scene of the accident. Otherwise, the police should be called to take a report or keep the peace between those involved in the crash.

In the event of a minor accident, it may be a driver's responsibility to file a police report on his or her own. Anyone who has been involved in an accident should get to the side of the road, and they should look out for other drivers engaged in rubbernecking. It is a good idea to take as many photos of the accident scene as possible.

OSHA bulletins address temp worker safety

Those in Pennsylvania who work with, or are, temporary workers should be aware of two bulletins put out by OSHA as part of its Temporary Worker Initiative. These bulletins focus on how host employers and staffing agencies are to protect temp workers from excessive noise exposure and respiratory hazards while on the job. They back up previous OSHA regulations found in the Respiratory Protection Standard and Occupational Noise Standard.

Those standards require that employers carefully assess the hazards in their workplaces and determine if employees need personal protective equipment like respirators and hearing protection. If such equipment is required, the employer should provide it and not require the employee to pay for it. This rule goes for staffing agencies too.

How some daily routines may contribute to divorce

In a world where people are conditioned to getting what they want as quickly as possible, divorce is often a promised land panic-button. Seeking an exit is understandable when you imagine a better life after declaring divorce. Marriage undeniably tests the foundation of your compatibility and sincerity to a lifetime commitment.

The precursor to a failing marriage sometimes results from the many daily routines and habits engaged moment-by-moment. Without realizing it, you may wake up one day to see how far you and your spouse have drifted from the connection you once had.

Reckless driving? Here’s what you need to know

If you are going 90 on a 60-mph highway, you could be charged with reckless driving. The same goes for texting while driving. The state of Pennsylvania takes reckless driving seriously, which makes it come with fairly heavy consequences.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), 94 percent of crashes were caused by the fault of the driver, and over 30 percent of traffic crashes and deaths are caused by reckless driving, a scary statistic.

Understanding Pennsylvania's Steer Clear Law

Emergency situations on the road are difficult because accidents occur in a place where several drivers are crossing. If there are more negligent drivers close to your accident site, the situation can worsen.

The state created the Steer Clear Law in 2006 to minimize the chances of this. The law enforces drivers to give emergency vehicles such as the police, fire trucks, tow trucks and ambulances the room they need to help with emergency situations.

The legal implications of a frat house fight

It happens at almost every college party at least once. It's late. Everyone's been drinking heavily, and inhibitions are slow. Suddenly, someone erupts into anger over a perceived offense by another person. They start to argue, and before you know it, they're rolling around on the ground in a full-on fight.

Such a scene may not seem uncommon in certain settings--which can lead to the false impression that such behavior is okay--even legal. However, you should know that if you get into a fight with someone else--even if you both "started it,"--there can be serious legal repercussions.

What if you committed a crime while you were asleep?

A few weeks ago, the American Broadcasting Company fired Roseanne Barr from the reboot of her popular TV sitcom “Roseanne” after she posted racist comments on Twitter. In an effort to justify her behavior, the comedian and actress explained that it was a result of having taken the sleep aid Ambien the night before. Sanofi—the manufacturer of the drug—released a statement refuting her claim, stating that there is no drug that causes racism.

Sanofi is right: it would be far-fetched to link a medication to bigoted beliefs. Nonetheless, it could be conceivable to blame Ambien for sleep-tweeting. Ambien has been shown to cause a variety of unconscious behaviors in patients who are asleep. In today’s post, we examine the repercussions of these side effects.

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