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Criminal record becomes less of a barrier to employment

In a previous post, we discussed some of the ways a criminal record can create challenges for a person throughout their life. It has been widely understood that a criminal record-which anyone who has ever been arrested has, regardless of whether they are convicted-can be a major obstacle to gaining employment.

New attorney device protections at border security

If you've ever hired a lawyer, you're entitled to certain protections under lawyer confidentiality and attorney-client privilege. But what happens when your lawyer-and their devices-go through border security? What mechanisms are in place to protect your confidential information in this case?

Is a defense attorney's loyalty to their client or the verdict?

Where does a defense lawyer's responsibility lie? Is it their duty to obey their client's wishes, or are they obliged to act in whatever way they believe has the highest likelihood of a positive outcome for their client? What happens when these two objectives conflict with each other?

3 tips for a successful remarriage involving stepchildren

The chances of divorce spike in marriages where step-kids are involved, according to a recent article. While more than two-thirds of first marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, the success rates of second and third marriages steadily decline from there. Remarriages have extra challenges. A second marriage can be more complicated if there are children from a previous marriage involved, and if there are ex-spouses who are obstructing a smooth transition.

How can I get my criminal record cleared in Pennsylvania?

Anyone who's ever been arrested has a criminal record. A criminal record never expires-it follows you around forever. It can provide major obstacles in securing a job, getting an apartment or being accepted to school. However, many people don't realize that they can take proactive steps to get their criminal records cleared. This process is known as expungement.

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