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Take these steps to avoid getting a court-appointed guardian

In the U.S., there are certain legal systems in place designed to protect the best interests of vulnerable adults. In the event that such an adult—often an elderly person—develops a disability that restricts their ability to make reasonable decisions regarding their care or property, the court may decide to appoint a guardian to handle such decisions on their behalf.

Is it legal to use headphones while cycling in Pennsylvania?

You’re riding your bike down the road, listening to your favorite jams. As you enter an intersection, a car riding through the crossroad slams on the brakes and honks their horn at you. However, your music prevents you from hearing their warning, and you crash. Can you be held to blame?

Sleepy? Listen to your body before you get behind the wheel.

Everyone knows you shouldn’t get behind the wheel after drinking. And we’ve discussed in previous posts the growing safety issue of texting while driving. However, a third type of driving behavior—which is less commonly discussed, but which pose real risks—is fatigued driving.

What happens to alimony if an ex-spouse quits their job?

You and your ex divorced earlier this year. He’s a doctor, and he earns considerably more than you do. Consequently, the court ordered that he pay you a sizeable sum in alimony each month. However, your ex just announced that he’s decided to quit his private practice and travel instead to Rwanda to volunteer for Doctors Without Borders.

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