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New attorney device protections at border security

If you've ever hired a lawyer, you're entitled to certain protections under lawyer confidentiality and attorney-client privilege. But what happens when your lawyer-and their devices-go through border security? What mechanisms are in place to protect your confidential information in this case?

Is a defense attorney's loyalty to their client or the verdict?

Where does a defense lawyer's responsibility lie? Is it their duty to obey their client's wishes, or are they obliged to act in whatever way they believe has the highest likelihood of a positive outcome for their client? What happens when these two objectives conflict with each other?

How can I get my criminal record cleared in Pennsylvania?

Anyone who's ever been arrested has a criminal record. A criminal record never expires-it follows you around forever. It can provide major obstacles in securing a job, getting an apartment or being accepted to school. However, many people don't realize that they can take proactive steps to get their criminal records cleared. This process is known as expungement.

What are you privacy rights when driving a rental car?

In 2014, a Pennsylvania state trooper spotted 37-year old Terrence Byrd driving down the highway in a rental car. His seat was pushed back, and his hands were at the DMV-approved "10 and 2" position on the steering while. According to the trooper, what he witnessed was sufficiently suspicious to warrant pulling Byrd over.

Recent PA law change expands ability to clear criminal record

A recent change to Pennsylvania state law increases the eligibility of Pennsylvanians with certain criminal convictions to seal their criminal record. Governor Tom Wolf stated that the change was made to help give "Pennsylvanians with minor or dated criminal records a fighting chance at gainful employment."

Statistics about domestic violence are alarming

Throughout Pennsylvania, there are thousands of cases of domestic violence. The statistics can be staggering. Every nine seconds, a woman is beaten or assaulted in America. Each day, three women are killed by their boyfriends or husbands. Each year, it is believed that as many as 10 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. And, men of a domestic abusive household during their youth are two times as likely to become abusers as well.

How is drug possession determined?

Over the last few years, throughout the United States, it appears that philosophies on recreational drugs and drug use had been going through a bit of a shift. Although, things have not yet changed in Pennsylvania, they may eventually change and it is important to be mindful of laws regarding drugs, drug use and drug possession.

Local police departments have been publicly shaming arrestees

What's the difference between a police officer and a journalist? It sounds like a joke, but there is a good reason for asking the question. Police officers give mug shots and arrest details to journalists, and journalists, in general, write stories about those arrests according to their professional judgment and ethics. They keep in mind that all suspects are considered innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law.

Defendants challenge evidence in fraternity hazing death case

A preliminary hearing continued today for the third day in the case of Penn State's Beta Theta Pi fraternity and the death of a pledge in February. The fraternity itself and 18 members are facing charges, with some potentially being charged with aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter.

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