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Custody arrangements should match preferences and relationships

For many Pennsylvania families, it is ideal for both parents to raise children together in one family home. However, sometimes couples break up, and when there are children involved, the family law system may need to step in to determine child custody. There are many things that affect child custody determinations.

Stability for children is key when couples break up

Breaking up is hard to do when the couple has children. Simply put, the children have been used to living with both of their parents, and when their parents separate or divorce, the children know that they will never again share a home seven days a week with both parents. Addressing that difficulty is a key issue in family law.

What role does family law play in transgender rights?

More than ever before in history, "transgender" is now becoming a familiar household term. Aided by celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner to pioneering TV series such as Transparent, the general public has been quickly gaining awareness and understanding of transgender issues.

Do you spank your children? New data may surprise you

Every parent decides how to raise their children based on their own experiences. Certain parenting styles might seem more strict or lenient than others, but most people believe that their chosen methods will help their children grow up to be responsible adults.

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